If you aren't where you want to be in business, it's because you're playing small.

Until you understand WHY you're doing that, logistics aren't going to solve your problem because you are the common denominator.

Our mission is to help women in business understand why.

We bring awareness to the foundation of who you are and pair it with radical personal responsibility and support that knowledge with self-care to achieve the life you want to live.

Kindred With Renee and Megan
Kindred with Renee and Megan

 When you don't know your core value, where your behaviours or patterns are effecting you, and the energy behind them you may notice plateaus in business with limited results.

We are here to help you break these cycles with awareness and tangible next steps. 

Renee and Megan specialize in human behaviour and with mixing powerful intuition to take your fears, hold-ups and sabotaging tendencies and turn your biggest weaknesses into your greatest strengths with clear and effective precision.

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Testimonial of kindred
Testimonial of kindred
Testimonial of kindred
Testimonial of kindred

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