Have you ever gone to therapy and after the hour just kind of sat in your car….asking yourself why you even bothered?


There is never really a solution or steps given, it’s like you spent the entire hour trying to find words to explain how you feel and they never come outright.

 Honestly, it’s like you say something and internally you think that it sounds whiny or that it’s not significant enough for the feelings you have, and then you stop going. 


A therapy appointment is a perfect example of where we wish people could read our minds so they know what’s going on and we can sit there waiting for answers.  

It’s not enough, so much so that there is a huge societal aversion to the idea of even going. 


We’ve gone through this too. 


We’ve spent more time looking for new therapists than spending time in a session with one because we couldn’t find the right fit. 


Getting advice like screaming into a pillow just doesn’t do what they feel like it should or being told “I can’t tell you that” because they want you to figure it out on your own.


Telling you to read a book isn’t going to solve the problem.


 If you truly want change, we will make it happen...and within the first hour of your session. 

We aren’t in the business to waste time or dance around the issue hoping you will figure it out. 

Ex. If you are a highly competitive person, you already know you’re competitive… your competitive nature isn’t the issue. The issue is WHY you are competitive and how it affects your life and the connection you have with the people you are closest to.  

We strive to create an intimate and judgment-free environment where you have the freedom to truly explore the issues at hand, what outcomes you truly want with easy-to-follow action steps to get there.

 Your problems/issues/situations in your personal, home and business/professional lives are all connected. If you have an unhealthy relationship with yourself then you have an unhealthy relationship with others, with money and with work/business/career.

 Through coaching, you will see how it's all connected and the steps on what to do about it.


There are two options for booking a session. 

We strongly believe that no sizable solution can happen in an hour. We definitely can give answers as to why, but solutions take time. Emotions and fears block us from taking steps forward, our goal with our sessions is to allow enough time so there is visible progress with the current situation. 

**Couples who sign up are not charged extra when sharing a coaching plan. Email us at [email protected] for more details on this option and any questions you may have. 


Availability is extremely limited and is waitlisted often.

Full In Day Session $1500 + Tax
Three Month pkg $5250 + Tax
Three Month pkg $1050 P/Plan + Tax