Noticing yourself playing small in business and ready for a solution? 


Do you find yourself...

 • wanting more time and energy for your family and your business?

• have lots of ideas and dreams but don't have the time for action and follow through?

 • feeling like the level of success you want is easier for everyone else to obtain?

 • feeling like the results aren't happening fast enough?

These are all thoughts and beliefs that run through your mind as a woman in business.  You're trapped in this cycle of hurry up and wait without the space to breathe.  You're still getting results but there still doesn't seem to be enough time and energy to do it all.  Or you're at that point where it feels like you've been waiting much longer than you know you should be for that level of success that you desire.

To get to that next level of success and get out of this cycle of hurry up and wait, switching the focus from the how and logistics to the why and where you're leading from is what gives you better results in business, the courses and programs you sign up for meet expectations, and there is more joy in the relationships you have in your personal and business life.

In the Next Level Solution, this program is designed to walk you through this to get you this level of result.  These are skills that are transferable in your business but also a life-long personal life skill.

you + work = success but really it's how + why = success

We can get overwhelmed and anxious about how to do it all.  How are we going to make sure that the kids are at the right sporting event at the right time, have family dinners and activities all together, date nights with your partner and time for your own self-care all while thinking about what could take your business to the next level, which would bring you to that next income goal that is going to allow you to do what you want to when you want to with your family.

We bounce between the problems between business and our relationships, hoping that the next course, the next launch and the next paycheque will be what saves us.

We help women growing their business find balance - in life, work, love and income.

Our coaching program focus on getting you to the point where we find what YOUR level of easy is in all areas of life. You got into business to have time-money freedom and it's time for the next level of that.

You want less overall anxiety.

You want to make faster, more solid decisions from a place of joy and intuition. 

You want a life following through with ease with the time and energy to do so. 

Everything you do in business and in life is leading from your core value.

When you embrace your core values and implement radical personal responsibility, each new level will be easier with a new supported foundation allowing expansion and the capacity to scale.

Any negative situation will be easy to handled saving time, emotional energy and money

The Next Level Solution

12 session in 6  months Package $12,500 CAD (+ tax)

The first three sessions bring focus to your core value and finding out where you put your own personal value and applying the Value’s Framework to bring awareness to your self-sabotaging behaviours to bring you more work-life balance

Remaining eight sessions follow the 4A’s Framework Pathway  to bring your core value throughout your personal and business life with the time to ask your questions, the time to process and implement what you’ve learned and feel like you’re making progress and moving forward with tangible steps

-12 bi-weekly sessions for one hour via zoom over a six month period with both Renee and Megan

- *bonus* emergency/SOS one hour zoom call during six month period (scheduled within 24 hours)

- Voxer access at your discretion in between sessions for hand-holding support, healthy accountability and to ensure the timeline moves in a practical, quick manner

By the end of your Next Level Solution you will intuitively operate in your personal life and business from the core of who you authentically are and make decisions based on fulfillment.

You'll have the awareness where your self-sabotaging behaviours are holding you back and what to do about them.

Having a structured self-care plan, and have direction on where you want to go next as you decide to leave the words 'playing small' behind you.



 We are Renee and Megan. We specialize in human behaviour and mixing in our powerful intuition we take your fears, hold ups and sabotaging tendencies and turn your biggest weakness into your greatest strengths with clear and effective precision. 


1. Why do I need to submit an application? 

We want to know what your goals are and if we're the right fit for each other.  If we feel like there is another direction you need to go, we will say and help provide direction.

2. What happens if I need to cancel a session? 

We have an understanding that life happens. There is flexibility in rescheduling in the six month package within reason.  We schedule the 12 sessions for the same time/day for consistency.  Rescheduling the day session requires 48-hours notice for it to be rescheduled and transferable and must be completed within the six month timeframe.

3. How do I know when to schedule or what your availability is like?

This is part of the consultation process seeing if we're going to be the right fit together. Our availability is daytime for Mountain Standard Time. 

4. Is this a tax-write off?

As this will directly effect your business, it can be applicable for tax purposes. Please confirm this with your accountant for your country. If you would like to have the coaching covered by a corporation, we can work directly with your Human Resources department.

5. Is there a payment plan?

There is a monthly payment plan option. Payment has to be completed by the end of the six months session.

You've been trying really hard to find the balance in business, money and with all the relationships in your life without sacrificing yourself.  

You've been trying everything you can on your own and you've been asking for help.  

You've come this far. You've done the hard work.  You've done your research. You've done what you can. You've made investment, after investment, after investment and it isn't working in the way that you need and want it to.

This is the help to have the emotions make sense, to understand how it's all connected, to take a practical next step and to celebrate when you achieve your goal.

It's the piece you're missing and it's going to be what takes you from feeling where you are now to living the life you envision for yourself.

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