Overwhelmed with trying to keep it all together? 

Do you find yourself...

 • struggling to find work-life balance?

• struggling to keep motivated to follow through?

 • in the same spot in business over and over again and find yourself always starting new projects?

 • not being able to reach that next income level goal?

As women in business, we put so much effort and energy into getting our business off the ground, reaching certain levels, making impact, doing all of the things - all while keeping our relationships with our spouse/partners, our children and ourselves equal and fair.  

The divorce rate for an entrepreneur is 48% and only 7% of business' owned by women reach annual revenue of over $100,000

Between these two statistics, we are often stuck between choosing which one is more important to us.

We can get overwhelmed and anxious about how to do it all.  How are we going to make sure that the kids are at the right sporting event at the right time, have family dinners and activities all together, date nights with your partner and time for your own self-care all while thinking about what could take your business to the next level, which would bring you to that next income goal that is going to allow you to do what you want to when you want to with your family.

We bounce between the problems between business and our relationships, hoping that the next course, the next launch and the next paycheque will be what saves us.

We help women growing their business find balance - in life, work, love and income.

Our coaching programs have the focus of getting you to the point where we find what YOUR level of easy is in all areas of life. You got into business to have time-money freedom, let's help you find not only that but for ways for things to be even easier.  

In our coaching program we take that first session to identify whether you hold more importance in business or relationships and where you make your decisions from and where you are sacrificing yourself in that decision. 

Our clients see an average of 67% improvement in the areas of self-care, relationship with their partner, their home life and children, and with business/work.

We have a four-step formula to bring you through each life situation to simplify and focus on controlling your own response and reaction.   With our infamous statement of "cleaning up your own side of the street" we bring awareness to this one relationship pattern in your life.  You'll gain more and more control in your external life, which brings in ease and calm with all of your relationships and business. 

This combination takes the anxiety and struggle out of finding work-life balance.  

12-Session/3 Month Package $12,500 CAD (+ tax)

- includes both Renee and Megan for coaching

- 12 one hour sessions (online or in-person) completed within 3 months

- emergency sessions available 

- unlimited Voxer support in between appointments

- pay in full or payment plan available

The 3-month package is designed for those that feel like you need more support and time to process what you learn in smaller logistical steps.  If you like to receive one or two pieces of information, have  practical "to-do" step and have the time to ask questions that arise but still need a level of external accountability and find yourself often procrastinating,  this is for you. 

Day Session $5,000 CAD (+ tax)

- 6 hours with Renee and Megan (in-person only)

- hour-long reiki session

- core values exercise with 5 hours of coaching

- includes lunch

- Voxer support for one week after

Day sessions are designed to have an intimate experience. Your morning starts off with an intuitive reiki session, followed by finding your core values. We then find where you're putting your value and tackle your biggest problems with love, money and business to have tangible results.

Core Value Session $750 CAD (+ tax)

- one hour online call to determine core values with both Renee and Megan

This is designed for those who struggle with making decisions or realize they're being triggered/reactive/emotional/resentful but don't know WHY.  You will come out of the hour with your core value(s) in this intuitively guided hour. 

We're Renee and Megan, we are experts in achieving work-life balance and by bringing attention to your self-care, we help you take control back in your life.

We've been through years of training, research and experience to teach our community what WORKS so that you don't have to waste time getting back to who you are.  We excel at getting to the root of what's going on, what's stopping you and we know what will help you find energy and motivation again.

Through delivering incredible results to thousands of clients, we specialize in connecting the dots between your relationship with business, love and money that all help achieve work-life balance.

Personally, we now have these incredible connections with the people in our life and have the energy and motivation to be living our dream life one step at a time.  We've achieved our work-life balance and now do the things that we used to only pin on our Pinterest boards and we do this together as Kindred Self-Care Community. 

1. Why do I need to submit an application? 

We want to know what your goals are and if we're the right fit for each other.  If we feel like there is another direction you need to go, we will say and help provide direction.

2. What happens if I need to cancel a week? 

We have an understanding that life happens. There is flexibility in rescheduling on a weekly basis for the 3-month package within reason.  We schedule the 12 sessions for the same time/day for consistency.  Rescheduling the day session requires 48-hours notice for it to be rescheduled and transferable.

3.  Can I buy the core values session and then upgrade it to the monthly package? 

Yes. If you purchase a core value session and decide to upgrade to the 3-month coaching package, a credit will be applied for the amount of the session to the final total owing.

4. How do I know when to schedule or what your availability is like?

This is part of the consultation process, seeing if we're going to be the right fit together. We only have day-time availability and are on Mountain Standard Time. 

5. Is this covered or a tax-write off?

As this will directly effect your business, it can be applicable for tax purposes. Please confirm this with your accountant for your country . If you would like to have the coaching covered by a corporation, we can work directly with your Human Resources department.

You've been trying really hard to find the balance in business, money and with all the relationships in your life without sacrificing yourself.  

You've been trying everything you can on your own and you've been asking for help.  

You've come this far. You've done the hard work.  You've done your research. You've done what you can. You've made investment, after investment, after investment and it isn't working in the way that you need and want it to.

This is the help to have the emotions make sense, to understand how it's all connected, to take a practical next step and to celebrate when you achieve your goal.

It's the piece you're missing and it's going to be what takes you from feeling where you are now to living the life you envision for yourself.

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