We aren't really taught how to be in a relationship. 

We learn from experience.

We know what we like and don’t like based off of what has happened to us in the past. This is where we get to know our boundaries. 

The issue is we often don’t like to express our boundaries because we don’t like to feel vulnerable and when we get into that mindset is usually when we feel disconnected from our partners.  

We want our partners to be mind readers. We want them to know that something is wrong or that they did something wrong automatically but this is a trap. We trap them into not being able to do anything right which gives us the upper hand in the relationship and keeps us on the metaphorical pedestal.

We’ve been there.

And longer than we’d like to admit to ourselves.  

As humans we are designed to want to belong. 

It’s our nature.  

The thing in life that you are missing the most is intimacy and not only the physical intimacy but the intimacy that comes with connection. We confuse passion for obsession and we have a level of standards mixed with expectations that is impossible even for us to meet.  

Our goal is always to be proactive instead of being reactive. We can be ahead of the game, knowing and anticipating and feeling prepared. 

This will give you the opportunity for being heard and understood allowing a fully open conversation.  

Fights and arguments are inevitable but being able to turn them into productive discussions is always the goal. 

No more slamming doors, no more name calling, no more running off, no more stonewalling. 

If any you answer yes to any (or all) of these, then you are in the right place. 

We like to call the “perfect relationship” the practical fairytale.  

We know that perfection doesn't exist. 

We know that when two people are involved that not everything is going to fall into place, just right, every time.

We also know that life happens and situations/circumstances change and what you once thought you wanted...isn't what you hoped it would be.  

You can strive for balance, you can strive for easy, you can strive for stability. 

What you can expect is respect, love and loyalty.  

You can get to a point where what happens in the outside world doesn’t matter anymore because you know that to them, they will choose you and that you choose them (in-laws be damned) 

That all of the noise isn’t scary when you have both of you fighting the same wonderful fight.  

Everything in your relationship is built on trust.

We’ve spent years teaching and perfecting our practice and are obsessed with building connection and intimacy between romantic partners and platonic relationships. 

Making a change doesn’t just happen, it requires effort, focus and investment. Investment meaning time, energy and yes sometimes money (ex, special date nights, counseling, gifts etc).

We often feel like we need to hunt down our soul-mate.

It almost feels like this is our life's purpose.

The idea is that our soul-mate will show up and we'll just KNOW and then everything will be perfect and there will never be any fighting or any doubts and you'll be perfectly matched for each other

... and the magical forest animals will come to clean your house and make your bed for you every morning.

Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Don't get us wrong, we believe in soul-mates but we also believe in realistic fairy tales!

Your soul-mate is human, just like you. They aren’t perfect and will never be perfect. Life’s problems and challenges will not just go away because you found your person...if anything it might even amplify the issues.

We are here to help you get prepared for all of it!

In this extensive online relationship course you will understand the why behind all of these relationship struggles and more importantly, what to do about it.

Broken down into three units with corresponding workbooks that are released weekly.  

Every unit includes

 Two videos per unit with extensive information about what to do when different situations happen inside of your relationship.

Substantial workbooks to teach you why all of this is happening and what you can do about it in order to have the best relationship(s) EVER.

A private Facebook group where we provide additional teachings, resources and interactive support personally with Renee and Megan. *If you do not have Facebook, we can make arrangements via email.


To The Moon and Back bundle valued at $250. (3 hours of additional videos and teaching with worksheets and quick solutions to everyday problems).


A Little Book On How To Argue valued at $19.99. (a pdf version of our published book that teaches you reasons and techniques that make arguing just a little bit easier) 


Happily Ever After can be done as a couple or even as an individual if your partner doesn't want to participate or as someone who is single but wanting to be proactive in designing your dream relationship and don’t want to repeat mistakes of the past.

Focused on romantic relationships but the teaching will give you a strong foundation for all the relationships in your life (even your children or parents). 

We might not be able to teach you how to get the magical forest animals to do your housework but we can certainly give you the tools and resources to remove any obstacles.

Claim the amazing love that you deserve.