We use petty things in our every day to sabotage us from achieving goals and dreams in our personal life and in business

The relationship that you have with yourself and with others dictates how your day is going to go. The foundation of your day is dependent on how you’re feeling about the relationships in your life.

It doesn’t matter how productive, motivated or ambitious you are.  It doesn’t matter the strategy or lead generator that you have.  We can get stuck in wanting and waiting for other people to change so that we can get to the next level.

Do you

▪️Feel that there often isn’t a proper solution or resolution to an in depth or tough conversation with your partner, that the conversations seem to get off topic and never finish and results in having the same argument every three months.  

▪️Constantly asking your partner for help around particular tasks with no final follow through leaving you feeling disrespected. 

▪️Catch yourself wanting more support from your partner and to feel like they are choosing you every time, leaving absolutely no doubt about how much they truly love you.

▪️Find yourself wanting more effort and enthusiasm from your partner in your relationship

▪️ Catch yourself playing the “it’s fine” game more than you’d like to admit 


The only thing that we are in control of in relationships is how we respond or act in certain situations.  When we bring personal responsibility into relationships it helps us let go of the ruminating thoughts and resentment.

We don’t want to be the ones that put in all of the effort all of the time for little result.

We don’t trust them to follow through when they say they'll do something.

We struggle to be vulnerable because we don’t feel like they will take us or the situation seriously. 

We shut down instead of communicating because we’ve said it before and by now they should just KNOW and are tired of being the nagging bad guy. 

Our extensive online relationship program, Happily Ever After, is here to solve these problems.  It’s designed to bring attention to our own self-sabotaging behaviours. 

You know you love your person. Happily Ever After gets you being proactive on the small, every day behaviours and interactions to it doesn’t lead to the big issues of not being seen, heard or understood.


 Happily Ever After online program includes...

Week One Video One: Identifying what you’re missing from your relationship and how to get more of it.

Week One Video Two: Identifying where you and your partner unintentionally sabotage and break trust in relationship and how to bring awareness and attention to it.

Week Two Video One:  Working through high expectations, trust issues and insecurities and how to build a strong relationship around them. 

Week Two Video Two: Working through acceptance, people-pleasing and the judgment from others.

Week Three Video One: Working through what you want from your relationship and the vulnerability that comes with it.

Week Three Video Two: Identifying where you hold resentment and working through forgiveness and shifting the mindset around shame.

Each video comes with an extensive journaling workbook to help guide you through your own personal situation along with a facebook group where you can have any questions answered with a live video for the three weeks that the content is released.  The group and the Q&A will help you apply what you’ve learned to your own personal situation with a tangible result.  

Instant access to past Q&A videos in a short-series titled “To the Moon and Back” and our mini book “A Little Book on How to Argue”

You have life-time access to the program and can implement it for other relationships in your life (spouse, children’s parents, parents/in-laws, adult children)

I'm in - Take Me There

Are you ready to start…..

Waking up without the burn-out of ruminating thoughts

Having a better mood

Having excitement and energy for follow through, in work and in your personal life

Quality of life increase 

Longer lasting and higher quality relationships (romantic and otherwise)

Having more patience for everyone in your life

Solutions to what the actual problem is in relationships

More willingness and enthusiasm for each other (remember making out?)

We’re Renee and Megan and together we’re Kindred Self-Care Community Inc. We’re intuitive coaches, business partners, best-friends and roommates.  Our complicated situation is full of love and acceptance and we have very different relationship backgrounds.  Megan comes from divorce, escaping an abusive relationship overnight (which is how we became roommates).  Renee has been happily married for the past 15 years.  We both have children of similar ages and have created what we called the Little-Big Family where we balance the energy, time and relationship for ourselves and for everyone in the house. It can bring up hard conversations but it’s the most fulfilling work and practice we have in life.  We’ve allowed ourselves to have the connection of Rachael to our Monica because we’ve chosen to stay with each other on all of those levels and be vulnerable and trust the other person to stay as well. We respect the boundaries that we have with each other, we have the compromises and we respect the boundaries we have for ourselves.  

1. Does my spouse have to participate with me? They do not. The course is designed to be done either with or without your partner. 

2. Do I need to have a romantic partner? No. The course is also excellent for healing past relationships and can be applied for what you would look for in your next partner, and even applicable to your family, friends, coworkers and children.  We teach for romantic partners but it's a relationship course, not a marriage course. 

3. I want to keep this private - what's the Facebook group for? We wanted a safe space to help keep accountable to finish up and to be able to ask questions. It's voluntary to join that we work on the honour system of keeping information confidential.

4.  Can I do this at my own pace? Absolutely. The content rolls out one week at a time so that you're not overwhelmed but there's no rush to finish it on pace - you can work at it as you'd like and a lot of our clients often redo the course. You have lifetime access. 

5. How is this different from couple's therapy? The course is created to work on the every day behaviours and patterns we have with the people in our lives in smaller, practical doses without emotional overwhelm. It's independent, self-reflective study.   

I'm ready for my happily ever after

Every relationship can have the highest level of connection, what you have with your partner can be the same with your best-friend, the same with your children and the same with your family of origin.

In three weeks, you’ll be on the road to something better.  You’ll be feeling good, seeing quick progress with numerous big a-ha moments and incredible journaling sessions. Preparing you to have more of your perfect and productive days more often than not for years to come. 

Welcome to conflict-free days without people pleasing. 

You’ve gotten yourself the Prince and the fairy tale and we’re here to help expand that Happily Ever After. 


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