Curating Your Dream Life

Kindred's exclusive monthly membership program for women who are struggling to find balance in their lives.

Whether it's juggling being a present mom and keeping the house clean or struggling trying to find a work-life balance between you and your spouse, Moving Forward is here to help you achieve organization and accountability by offering you the resources and support you need to feel accomplished and successful. 


We were there once too.

Everything is good but nothing is great. It's hard to explain but there's something that needs to change. 

If only you had someone or a place to go that can help give you a road map...

We're going to tell you what to do without telling you how or when to do it.  

Without being overwhelming, we help you get to a place where you can find balance.

If you...

  • wake up never feeling rested no matter how much sleep you get
  • feel like everyone but you has their shit together 
  • always waiting for the next Monday to start working towards the new goal 
  • are always talking about needing to find balance
  • stuck between wanting to find new friends and feeling guilty about out-growing old ones 

And you want to...

  • learn how to prioritize yourself without feeling guilty about it 
  • feel like you're ahead of life being more proactive instead of reactive
  • have the courage/energy to do the things that you've been secretly saving from your local adventure blog (ex. beach days)
  • not have everything feel like such a chore all of the time (ex. making dinner, kids sporting events and cleaning house)
  • know the secret to finding/enjoying more time 

This is the place that you need to be

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The Shift Weekend Workshop

Achieving work-life balance can be a daunting task. We all want it and we all tend to struggle finding it. It's easy to get lost in comparing ourselves to others we see online wanting and wishing for what they have but often it is not their reality.  

Having the awareness of who we are and how we thrive the best when faced with certain situations can only set up for the success we are looking for.

We've created an easy to follow formula where you can get the support while still maintaining your independence and achieving your goals the way you want to.

The online library of courses will help you make decisions and take your relationships to the next level while being a part of a group that has weekly teaching videos, daily intention and gratitude also offering a safe place to celebrate wins and asking questions. 

Membership also includes masterclasses based on those self-help books on your bedside table, workbooks to use with one of the eleven journals you have and guest teachings to help elevate your life and business.



Online Teachings

How to Make a Decision Online Course (value $100)

To the Moon and Back Online Relationship Course (value $250)

Optional Quarterly Goal-Setting for Action Plans via Email (value at $250/quarter)

Self-Help book club masterclass' a breakdown of what you actually need to know from the most popular books on market (value $250)

Multiple online classes for teachings from world-wide experts on topics such as business, relationships, PR, video production, mindset and energy (value over $1000)

Kindred Masterclass Archive 

Printable Content

Weekly Check-In Workbook (Intention, gratitude and goal setting, working through priorities and to-do list, upgrades and energy leaks, accountability plan and rewards) 

Priority Workbook including setting healthy boundaries and making a decision)

Accountability Workbook including procrastination decluttering


Monthly zoom call events for live coaching

Weekly Q&A videos with Renee and Megan 

Facebook community for connection daily intention setting and gratitude practice

You have IMMEDIATE access as long as you have your subscription!


Value of $2000 for $49.99/month

We're Renee and Megan, we are experts in self-sabotage and by bringing attention to your self-care, we help you take control back in your life.

We've been through years of training, research and experience to teach our community what WORKS so that you don't have to waste time getting back to who you are.  We excel at getting to the root of what's going on, what's stopping you and we know what will help YOU find energy and motivation again.  We did this for ourselves and we've done this for hundreds of clients. 

We've learned how to use our introverted and anxious natures to our advantage.  We now have these incredible connections with the people in our life and have the energy and motivation to be living our dream life one step at a time.  We've achieved our work-life balance and now do the things that we used to only pin on our Pinterest boards and we do this together as Kindred Self-Care Community. 




With a combined 12 years of experience, we've taken all of the practices that has taken us from depressed and anxiety ridden to a motivated and free feeling.

We know what it's like to have busy days that feel unproductive, FINALLY getting the kids to bed and then doing the things around the house that we couldn't get to during the day. Just to sit down and decompress to realize that it's time for bed.

Or to have the kids go away for the weekend only to discover that you have no actual idea on what to do. That you were so focused on the time off that you didn't plan the actual time off. You sleep and watch movies and maybe treat yourself to a take-out dinner but ultimately you don't feel anymore rested after the kids get home than what you did before they left. 

Moving Forward isn't an overnight cure.  It's all of the best practices to get you started getting out of groundhog day.  It's these small practices that eventually lead to change.  This isn't about changing your whole life overnight.  It's about taking small incremental steps until you feel like you can take a bit of a bigger step and have the support to do so.  

We know what it's like wanting to have help and support but also wanting to keep our independence. Needing change but needing help saving time while we make the change because we don't have the energy to do all of it. 

We know that we're all different and that we don't all learn the same way. What works for some may not work or resonate with you. We help find what works best for YOU and just because it's different doesn't mean it's wrong. 

We will give you the practical steps that the self help books are missing. 


I'm ready for ease & energy in my daily life

1. How can I cancel? Is there a minimum requirement? You can cancel any time by sending us an email to [email protected] or a FB message to the Kindred Crew (our support team).  Once payment is made, you have access for 30 days regardless of time of cancellation (no refunds are given).

2. Do I need to own a business or have a job? Nope! Moving Forward is designed to help with life events just as much a business situations. If you do have a business, save the monthly receipts as this can be used as a tax write-off.

3. Do I get immediate access? Yes. To everything. No waiting accessing modules and new stuff is constantly added.

4. Am I going to be the only new one? No! The group is always growing and there are new people coming in consistently. 

5. What happens if I'm not local to Edmonton? You can always plan road-trips around our in-person events but we do our best to make everything accessible online to honour time boundaries.


I’ve been a member of Moving Forward since December 2019. I joined not sure if it was worth $50 a month or not, but knowing that I trusted Megan and Renee and that I needed more guidance in both my business and life. It was one of the best decisions of the last few years. Moving Forward has grown since then and the value has only increased. The newest changes are exciting and I can’t wait to see what else lies ahead for Moving Forward and Kindred. Moving Forward is a safe space to work through whatever blocks come up in life. I find myself journaling in the group when asking a question, and often I come up with the answer after just writing it out in the group, even after trying to work through it in my own journal. It’s a space where I don’t have to worry that someone is going to try to suggest “fixes” to my problems (unless I’m asking for them). 

The group atmosphere is motivating, and I know that support is there for me when I am struggling or when I’m celebrating, whether it’s in my business or in my personal life. Moving Forward helps me stay accountable to myself in all areas of my life. It’s a place where I can be true to myself, figure out who I am, fail, and know that I’m supported in all of that. Megan and Renee are incredible coaches who don’t hold back, but who also don’t just give you the answers. They help you find your power to find the answers yourself and support you as you do so. They’re soul doulas. I don’t think I’d be where I am in my life if it wasn’t for Moving Forward and Kindred.



Also included is our FB community that enables you to connect with other members and to easily find our weekly training videos, events and check in's when you need motivation and help.

You want a different result,

it's time to do something different.