Where do you carry stress in your body?

Are you suffering from chronic injury or illness?

Does anxiety and depression rule your life?

Do you feel like something is off but can’t figure out what it is or the answers you’re getting from others don’t feel right?

We hold our emotions and stress within our body and we each have our ways to be able to release it.  If we don't, stress starts to show up in our body.  It shows up as anxiety, as depression, as a recurring knee injury, as inflammation, in a relationship failing, in everything around us feeling like it’s falling apart and we’re losing control.  


During your session, Megan finds and interprets the emotional connection to your physical ailment. This is perfect for the person who has a hard time finding methods to relieve stress, feels misunderstood or struggling with a diagnosis or lack of a diagnosis, or has trouble communicating what is going on internally. 

You leave a session feeling lighter, with understanding about your physical and emotional frame of mind, with clear and practical next steps for your self-care and with peace and calm.  


Session details:

Lying fully clothed face-up on a massage table you will be guided into a half-hour of a meditative state of deep breathing.  Intuitive reiki is mostly non-contact.  A half-hour is then spent with Megan discussing what presented during the session and answering any questions you may have. 


Every treatment is a different experience unique to you and provides direction for what your mind, body and soul need to once again work together. Reiki is recommended on a monthly basis and conducted in-person only.


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$500 + Tax