Reiki Weekend Workshop

You feel like you try to control everything.

You feel like you know things about people before they do.

You feel uncomfortable in large group situations.

You feel like you’re missing a level of connection and intimacy in life.

You feel like you KNOW things.

You feel like you have a great BS and authenticity detector. 

You feel like you feel everything and sometimes nothing all at the same time.

You feel anxious around certain people and super calm around others. 

You want to feel like you’re in control again.

You want to be able to stay calm and not reactive to everyone else’s BS.

You want to understand what’s going on. 

You want to have a clear, practical, logical tool to be able to help you live an easier life.

You want to know that your ability as an empath can be used as a positive thing, for yourself and for your family.

Reiki Weekend Workshop

Reiki is the universal energy. It can be used for the body for physical ailments, for stress/anxiety, for situations with people, with time, with money, for even making the machines around you work better. 

Kindred teaches Intuitive Reiki.  We get you to understand what your body is trying to tell you and why it’s trying to tell you that.  It's getting you to understand the energy behind your feelings and your anxiety.

Reiki Weekend Workshop

Reiki Level I is teaching the basics of reiki.   We teach you what it is that you're feeling and why and what you can do about it.  It’s fundamental learning in a way that makes sense for people who are logical and practical as well as emotional and intuitive.  

Reiki Level II is teaching you the symbols to activate reiki that you can use with a full-day of hands-on practice to enhance your ability as an intuitive empath.  This will also help you understand behaviours of not only yourself but your partner/spouse, your children, friends and family, and even your pets! 

Reiki Level III is the master level. We teach you how to attune others to understand their reiki energy as well as how to send it at a distance with plenty more practice. 

We focus on experience and application.  We learn by doing and the weekend is centered on trying.  We teach about a skill and then practice it.  We practice it and then answer your questions.  We practice again so that you are confident that you can do it after you leave the weekend.   We want you to leave feeling confident in your newfound skill. 

The workshop is foundational for beginners and will enhance the abilities of intermediate and advanced students.  Our students range from the absolute beginner to taking the workshop for the second or third time as well as advanced practitioners looking to add another level of skill to their practice.   

During the reiki weekend workshop, you will find and see that there are others just like you. That there is a connection and friendship available for people that resonate, that you don’t need to filter around, that are going through the same life situations and do the same weird and quirky things that you do.

Reiki Weekend Workshop

Intuitive Reiki Levels I/II/III is going to make things in your life easier.

  It’s going to bring you clarity. 

It’s going to give you direction. 

It’s going to make SENSE in a fun, interactive, safe and connected environment. 

Reiki Weekend Workshop

WIth the combined experience of 12 years, Renee and Megan both are Level III Intuitive Reiki Masters trained in the family of Usui reiki.  Reiki was the beginning of both of their spiritual journeys and a foundational part of business and life.   Teaching reiki for four years now, they have grown into Western Canada’s largest reiki workshop without losing that personal touch of teaching and connecting with each student.  


Kindred Self-Care Community Inc does things differently - we flip the perspective with understanding and compassion and no judgement.  We want to empower you to your greatest potential and leave with the confidence of a new skill as well as being supported after your weekend.

Reiki Weekend Workshop
Reiki Weekend Workshop
Reiki Weekend Workshop
Reiki Weekend Workshop
Reiki Weekend Workshop

Do I need reiki experience or to know what it is? Not at all.  Our class covers everything from beginner foundational work to the more experienced techniques and has been taken numerous times by people who have previous reiki teaching.  We teach intuitive reiki and all three levels at once.  It’s nothing like you’ve experienced at previous reiki classes. We cover all the basic principles of reiki on Friday night.  The history and more in-depth explanation is in your manual that you are free to read on your own time - we very much see the importance of in-class practice and utilize the time accordingly. 

I’m a little hesitant or skeptical about all of this but I’m very drawn to it - should I still come? Curiosity is your compass and should be followed! Kindred is not in the business of convincing. We teach in a way that makes sense and appreciate all questions and want to SHOW how learning about energy can help make your life easier.  It can be a bit weird at the beginning but that’s why we practice so much - so you can leave feeling confident in not only your skills but your decision to come to the workshop.

What if I don’t feel anything? Or think I’m not good at it?  This is a very common internal thought for students.  Because the teachers are trained empaths and highly skilled with reiki, they can help assist you to know how YOU feel reiki.  It’s not about it only being one way, it’s about finding the way that it works for each individual and there is more time than you think for it.  They WILL help you find a way to leave the class feeling confident. You won’t be the only one there that feels like they don’t know anything but you will NOT leave that way.

I’m very introverted - is this going to be a problem? Both teachers are introverts! This is how you actually learn that you can turn your tendency as an introvert into a superpower! Vocal class participation isn’t required but you will be guided to hands on experience and assisted if you feel uncomfortable.  The teaching space created is very safe and you will be protected there by the teachers who will advocate for you if and when needed.  Often the students find that once one person makes a comment or says something, there are usually a few people thinking and feeling the same thing!

Can I turn this into a business? You betcha! We’ve had several students add reiki to their massage practice and as additions to their holistic healing services.  We can help answer your questions for starting a business on Sunday afternoon and it’s how we both started. Bonus is that investing in the course is also a tax write-off!

What’s the refund policy? You can check our website here for our standard refund policy.

Reiki Weekend Workshop

$1500 + Tax

Friday 6 PM - 9 PM

Saturday 10 AM - 5 PM

Sunday 10 AM - 5 PM

Fully catered with hot breakfast and lunch, afternoon snack, coffee/tea/drinks included (individually catered to food allergies - please notify upon booking)

Printed and electronic reiki manual

Gift to assist with your personal reiki practice

Printed certifications

Continued support in the Facebook group, Spiritual Awakening Monthly, pre and post-workshop for all the questions and further connection with attendees

Adults (18+) only - no prior certifications, experience, or understanding is necessary 

Hosted in a hotel conference room in Fort Saskatchewan to ensure distancing and government-regulated health protocols.  Discounted rates for hotel stay are available 

Receipts are provided for tax incentive purposes if you plan to use reiki for business.  We are also able to work with professional organizations to assist with coverage or accreditation 

A deposit of $750 is required upon booking with the remaining payment required one week prior to the event.  Deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable. Cancellation policy includes full refund (minus deposit) with more than 7 days notice.   Payment plan options are available

Leave as a Reiki Master

$1500 + tax
2 x $750 P/Plan + Tax