International Disney Retreat
International Disney Retreat

One of the most amazing experiences you could have is in none other than the happiest place on earth….sans children. 

Renee and Megan have this thing where they don’t half-ass anything. 

They want results just as much as you do. 

And the best way to accomplish results is plopping you right into the middle of the shit-show. 

As adults we’ve lost the ability to do anything that doesn't have a purpose.

There is always a goal, a destination, or solution for everything that has to be done.

This is why we are always stressed out.

Because we feel like everything has to have a reason and to be productive otherwise we are just wasting time.

The issue though, is that eventually your productive behaviour itself will be seen as a time waste, wishing you actually spent more time playing, enjoying, and exploring life. 

That's what life truly is about. 

Our retreat is designed to help you rediscover your inner child. 

The part of you that you long for.

The part of you that you’ve forgotten.

The part of you that knows how to fully enjoy life again. 

As adults and parents we live through our children and that's amazing. It’s amazing to see their joy and their excitement but you are watching and experiencing vicariously through them. 

We use our children as an excuse, just like money. We hide behind them because people can understand that logic and the reality of it. They will accept it for truth, and you won’t have to justify the decision because it's valid.

International Disney Retreat

Even though sharing the experiences with your children is amazing, the issue that you are running into is that you still aren’t giving yourself the gift you are longing for. You are by-passing yourself and going straight for your children.   

This retreat is designed to bring you joy so you know how to finally experience it. You can go home and live your best life, showing and teaching your family/children how to do the same.

International Disney Retreat

Our kids want is to see us happy.

They want to experience the joy with us.

They want the memories, which comes in the forms of people, places and things.

They don't care about money. 

They care about fun.

International Disney Retreat

There are many solutions to many problems but many of them aren’t as fun or as rewarding!!  

Not only do we treat you like a Queen the whole time but we spoil you rotten like the Princess you are!

International Disney Retreat


Arrive during the day/evening 

Relax and get settled

Meet and greet 

Shop Downtown Disney  



Enjoy the fully catered Inner child and Inner Value retreat (full day)

Group Dinner 

Head to the Park where we get to enjoy our first ride together

Enjoy the evening, getting to know each other and scatter  



First full day at the Park

have fun, come and go as you please 



Final day at the park

It’s a free-for-all day

Have fun, do something out of your comfort zone 

Experience what we call the Magic Hour (where everything finally falls into place)

Group photo in front of the castle  


Fly home Tuesday

International Disney Retreat

Standard Package: $1,500 + Tax

Conference only

Lunch and Dinner included

All other accommodations are arranged by yourself

Vip Package: $4,000 + Tax (Valued at $7,000)


4 night stay at the Grand Californian Hotel and Spa (shared or private accommodation available)

3 Day Park Hopper passes 

Extra Park Perks- to be announced closer to the day

**Flights are not included in the final cost of the retreat and is solely the responsibility of the participants**


Both packages include:

Facebook Group

To get to know everyone

To connect roommates

To get excited 

To ask all of your questions 

Contests and giveaways (ex. free meals and gift cards for your trip)

To see all of the previous retreat fun!!

International Disney Retreat

 It was a safe, welcoming space to embrace our inner child. The conference was informative, inspiring and I was able to gain even deeper awareness around my inner child and the patterns I've created


Excellent for those just starting in on inner child shadow work. Great location with access/choice for lunch. Best party gift bag ever. Felt super supported and heard. Thank you  


    Absolutely amazing! Huge realizations there... and so much growth! 


 It was awesome, I enjoyed the conference and having the break for lunch with still having time to go to the park after 


      Through all that was learned, all the joy and overcoming different barriers that my guard was down and my inner child was able to be released when seeing my "character connection". Feeling the emotion and understanding the importance of that character has given me power back. It will be a work in progress to break the pattern, but I know what I need to do. 


  That I connected with people I didn't think I would have. And also the feelings I'm having about it now that I'm home. 


The complete ease with which things flowed on Sunday. It was just... Magical! #soweird

International Disney Retreat


Will you help match us for a roommate? 

Absolutely!! You definitely don’t have to figure those plans out on your own, and if you already have someone just let us know. 


What other expenses will come with the trip?  

Depending on the package you select, with the Vip's you will only need extra money for your souvenirs and food costs and ant extras you may want to use while down there. 


Are flights included in the costs? 

No. We like the participants to purchase their own, that way they can use points or find the timing of the flight and airport that works best for them. 


 Do we have to stay together as a group?

Nope. The first evening or day you may want to so you can build connections and bonds with people you may want to hang out with. But in typical fashion, it is very much like everyone to scatter and go in groups two or three. We try to do at least one ride together and to arrange a meet up time for a group photo


 Can I bring others with me? What about couples?

As long as the person with you is over the age of 18. Participants are allowed to come together as a couple if wanted. We personally find solo to be best because it gives you the freedom to truly be you without feeling shame or guilt of keeping the other person happy. 


 Why are kids not allowed? What about teenagers?

We have chosen to not include kids in this retreat, because we want the experience to be you as a child. The point is to get out of the parental role and to allow the freedom you remember having. It is completely different attending the park without feeling the need or responsibility of schedules, unexpected bathroom breaks, or being the pack mule. 


 How does the payment plan work?

After the initial deposit your spot will be saved, and every month after that the agreed set amount will automatically be withdrawn. The full amount is due 30 days before the fly out day. 


 What happens if I can’t attend or finish the payments?

You can click here to view our refund policy.

Can't wait to experience the magic with you  

$1000 Deposit
$4000 Pay in Full