The Shift Weekend Workshop
The Shift Weekend Workshop

Wandering through life thinking that this is all there is?

While secretly really hoping that it isn’t?  

We feel you. 

We went through years of our lives feeling that way too.  

Knowing we were meant for more.

Feeling like there had to be more. 

Needing to know our purpose.  

Until one day we said F this. 

We promised ourselves we weren’t going to sit back and wait for anything to fall into our laps, no longer wanting to be the victim to our situation we took a hold of it. 

We learned, we grew, we evolved...we became the experts in our field.   

The Shift holds a special place in our hearts because it is truly everything we needed in our time of darkness.  

Now we get to share it with you.

The Shift Weekend Workshop

For the Shift we love using the metaphor of the butterfly. Graceful and elegant, rich and vibrant...but first he has a journey. One of trust, transformation and belief.  

Over the course of the weekend we follow this same path. We help you figure out your core values (the true reasons as to why you get triggered the way that you do) and your purpose here on Earth. 

The butterfly knows and doesn't question when it starts to cocoon itself, and while in the chrysalis, he actually breaks down completely to be able to transform and shift, while he emerges into the beautiful butterfly he can’t be helped because he is so delicate that his wings won't be strong enough to survive if he has help.  

Your journey this weekend will go through a very similar path, the only difference is you get help.  

You won't be doing it alone.

The Shift Weekend Workshop

We know it sounds scary 

But is being scary enough to keep you wondering and hopeful for something magical to fall into your lap?

Or is this actually the something magical you've been waiting for all along.

The Shift Weekend Workshop

A Weekend full of coaching, food, love and unwavering connection 

We work through your core values and apply them to your everyday life and why you struggle where you do with the relationships in your life and with your own self-love 

We figure out your purpose and how to implement it into your life so you can start feeling fulfilled and content with your everyday life and routines  

All while helping to give you inner strength, understanding and connecting all of your missing dots giving you the ultimate why 

This weekend will change your life

The Shift Weekend Workshop

$2000 + Tax

The Shift is our favorite and most impactful in-person event 

Space is extremely limited and is in high demand  

A full weekend that is fully catered with multiple hot meals and snacks a day, hosted at a local hotel conference room (with discounted room rates for anyone out of town)

All of our weekend workshops also include incredible gifts


Friday - The Caterpillar 6pm-9pm

Finding your core values and what it all means 

Finding your worthiness, value and dreams  

Open coaching  


Saturday - The Cocoon 10am-5pm

Guiding through the change

The Chrysalis Path

Learning to re-write your story and no longer allowing to be held back

Open coaching


Sunday - The Butterfly 10am-5pm

A day of rest and learning what to do with all of the information 

Open coaching


This weekend is extremely intimate, allowing for the most progress and strong connections to be made. Limiting the weekend to 10 participants helps allow Renee and Megan deliver the impact that the weekend was designed for. 



A deposit of $1000 is required upon booking with the remaining payment required seven days prior to the event.  Deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable. Cancellation policy includes full refund (minus deposit) with more than 7 days notice.   Payment plan options are available. 

$2000 + Tax
2x $1000 P/Plan + Tax