The Shift Weekend Workshop

Are you ready to stop comparing yourself to others and go from procrastinating to productive?


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The Shift Weekend Workshop


Once a year, we hold a workshop that is designed to help you figure out again who you are,  understand why you are here and then then find out what to do about. 


This is the cumulation of everything we've done personally that has gotten us to a place where we are living our most aligned life.  


It's intense.  It's intimate.  It's impactful.


If you.....

  • consistently finding yourself comparing yourself to everyone on social media and feeling envious how much they have their life put together - going to all the different family activities and everyone looks dressed nice and clean and happy?
  • get up every morning living the same day over and over and over again and are always busy but never get anything done?
  • have tried so many different things that you're good at but not GREAT at and feel like you don't have a direction because you don't have a good career or a fulfilling purpose?
  • have boxes/bags of hobbies that you can't bring yourself to get into again but you can't bring yourself to get rid of the stuff because you've spent a lot of money on it
  • there's a place in your heart where no one has been and it's been a long time since you've been there too


And now you want to...

  • be content and happy for the people on social media that you see and you're not comparing yourself to anyone any more
  • wake up every morning with energy and excitement 
  • can make decisions based on knowing what you love and why you're doing it because you finally know what you want to be when you grow up
  • want to spend your time with hobbies and activities that make you happy and fill your cup because you know who you are as a person now
  • are ready to be fully supported and be in a place of acceptance and belonging


The Shift Weekend Workshop



We know this weekend workshop will work for you because every time we've hosted The Shift, we've seen people go from anxious and tired to inspired and motivated in only three days


The Shift Weekend Workshop


How is this going to work versus the stack of self-help books next to your bedside?


We're taking everything that's in the books and guiding you through a weekend of tried, tested and true exercises to get to your heart of who you are.  We're experts in getting to the root of what you actually feel and not wasting time, creating an incredible experience and feeding you the whole time. 


We know how much energy it takes to do something different.  Right now you need to do three things: decide that this is what you want, follow through with it and then show up open to being guided to the change you want. 


The Shift Weekend Workshop


$1250 + Tax

Hosted in a private conference room at the Kanata Inn at Fort Saskatchewan (group rate available for stay), we spend 17 hours of learning and coaching.

The weekend that is fully catered with multiple hot meals, snacks and beverages through out the day.

Printed booklet of additional journalling prompts and information as well as a surprise gift is also included.


Friday - The Caterpillar 6pm-9pm

Finding your core values and what it all means 

Finding your worthiness, value and dreams  

Open coaching  


Saturday - The Cocoon 10am-5pm

The Chrysalis Path

Learning to re-write your story and no longer allowing yourself to be held back

Open coaching


Sunday - The Butterfly 10am-5pm

Day of implementation and activities


This weekend is extremely intimate, allowing for the most progress and strong connections to be made. Limiting the weekend to 10 participants.


The weekend was created by the facilitators, Renee and Megan of Kindred Self-Care Community, Intuitive Life Coaches and owner's of Canada's largest self-care network. 


A deposit of $750 is required upon booking with the remaining payment required seven days prior to the event.  Deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable. Cancellation policy includes full refund (minus deposit) with more than 7 days notice.   Payment plan options are available. 










$1250 + Tax
2x $750 P/Plan + Tax


What people are saying



The Shift is perfect for you if...

  • if you miss who you used to be and find yourself thinking about things you wished you would have done differently
  • you finally get time for yourself and you don't know what to do with it
  • you love your life but you still feel like something is missing
  • your hardest decision is what to watch on TV 
  • have a hard time staying passionate about one thing
  • like learning but don't know what to do with all this 'useless' knowledge you have
  • want to be the cool and fun mom instead of the mom that's late all the time

Are you ready to ride the high of having everything coming together by the end of weekend of The Shift?


Being able to walk with confidence into your home knowing that there isn't anything that's missing any more?


Have direction and practical steps to make decisions from a place of confidence, to take actions that are aligned and are authentic to you instead of being impulsive or a people-pleaser?


To know what it FEELS like to be in your purpose?


$1250 + tax or

two payments of $750 + tax


Three days (17 hours) of instruction and coaching in a private conference room at the Kanata Inns in Fort Saskatchewan

Fully catered weekend with dessert and drinks on Friday night, hot breakfast and lunch and afternoon snack and beverages for Saturday and Sunday.

Printed booklet and surprise gift.

Private Facebook group for participants leading up to weekend and two weeks of additional support from Megan and Renee

Life-changing connection and understanding to who you are

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1. Do I have to have a business? Not at all.  You don't have to be in a 'bad' place either or have any coaching/therapy experience.  You just have to want to make the change.

2. Can my family stay in the hotel with me? They can but we don't recommend it. It's an emotionally intense weekend and we find that most of our participants enjoy having somewhere peaceful and quiet to go to after each day. 

3. Do I have to participate in each activity? You don't have to ask questions but when questions are asked of you, the expectation is for you to participate.  We keep the group small to help create a very safe space for you and you won't get the full benefit weekend unless you give yourself permission to participate.

4. I have a food allergy? Our events are professionally catered and we can accommodate for any food allergy or sensitivity.  It's hot breakfast and lunches with loads of snacks and drinks.  We aim for comfort food the whole weekend. 

5. How do I know I'm ready for it? There's only three things you need to do.  Decide that this is what you want, follow through with the purchase and then come to the weekend with an open mind.  You can be nervous. You can be anxious. You can second-guess it but still want to go.  It's a lot to make the decision to go.  It's a lot to coordinate for the logistics of going.  It's a lot to not cancel last minute (refund policy is at the bottom of the page). It's a lot to get out of the car and go down the hallway and into the conference room.  If you've read this far, it's really the decision if you want to do it now or if you want to do it next year or the year after that - knowing we'll still be doing it.

You've already decided and now it's time to follow through

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