To the moon and back course
To the moon and back course

Do you ever just wish for something to be easier? 

Throw me a bloody bone already type of easy? 

Us too 

Our motto in life and with work is always 

“There has to be an easier way” and “if it’s hard...delegate” 

Why struggle when something can be easily done by someone else, why struggle and force an outcome when there could be a similar solution?

We learned that struggling has to be hard from our parents, but also from our teachers. 

How many times were you told to grab the dictionary to learn how to spell a word, or to do more research when needing to find a solution? 

Help shouldn’t be a trap.  

We offer help where it’s needed.  

Not just to find solutions to problems that people don’t even know they were experiencing but to have that solution ready and waiting for when the problem arises.


To the Moon and Back is a quick solution program for couples based on Happily Ever After, our extensive online relationship course.


To the moon and back course
To the moon and back course

Here is the thing

Relationships are not always easy and unfortunately, we're not taught how to be in a relationship.

We usually learn about relationships by having our boundaries crossed and learning what we don't want to have happen again.

The ideal scenario is learning how to be proactive in a relationship to prevent issues from occurring. Get to know each other and more importantly, to get to know OURSELVES well enough that we know what we want, what we can give and how to communicate it clearly and in a loving way.

But once again that’s the ideal scenario.

Reality is usually a bit different.

Life gets busy and kids, commitments and obligations pull you in all sorts of different directions and there is definitely not enough time to course correct the dynamics that we’ve created.


Deep down inside you know that this NEEDS to change… and fast!

To the moon and back course

We know that feeling and that’s exactly the reason why we’ve created this program for you.

This is a fast-paced, solution-based program for people who crave a change for the better in their relationship but either don’t have the time or the energy to do the deep inner work of an extensive course. 

We get you to the heart of the issue and what you can do about it right now.

To the moon and back course

Arguments, misunderstandings and crossed boundaries are inevitable but learning where the personal lines are for you and your partner before they are crossed is absolutely doable. 

To The Moon and Back will help you understand why you are feeling this way, what it is that you want, and how to get it.

We have a powerful and extensive online course that has helped many couples get back on track and create healthy and sustainable dynamics inside of themselves and their relationships and we are so proud of the work we have done and continue to do in that community.

To the moon and back course

This fast guide gives the answers that you need TODAY.

We put this program together to give you quick solutions that you can implement right away while also creating a long-term change in the way you see things.

We don’t mess around with journaling questions or long-drawn-out videos. It includes six worksheets to help work through standard everyday situations and three videos recorded in a Q&A format so you can skip and jump around to the answers that you need in that specific moment.

To the moon and back course

That won’t happen over a bottle of merlot, trying to work through it with friends or reading self-help books that lack the basics steps on what to do next.

To the moon and back course

These videos will help you understand and bring awareness to the blocks that are happening within your relationship. 

We use examples from our substantial teaching experience making it easy to understand and completely digestible that helps bring awareness, understanding and perspective to your relationships, specifically romantic.

These videos were recorded live inside our online support group to answer many different but common relationship issues.

There are many mind-blowing a-HA moments in these videos that we want to give you the opportunity to gain the understanding and wisdom that is in there, have it change your life and relationships for the better, without having to do the deep work right now.

These videos, meditations and prompts are the quickest way to be able to bring compassion and respect into your relationship.

To the moon and back course


We all know about the love languages and we all know that they totally make sense (*insert eye-roll) the difference is understanding them, not just what they are but WHY they are and what they all involve and entail. Knowing that each love language has its own subcategories and reasons for being there and knowing that you can’t have one without the other. 

Understanding that they can change either over time or from being in a relationship to being single. Acknowledging what each of your roles are in your relationship, learning to identify where gaslighting is prominent and how to change it.

To the moon and back course



We help you learn to believe in yourself and your partner in order to break toxic habits that bring guilt and drain the energy out of your relationship, how to cut out the victim mentality and the guilt creating healthy ways to communicate. As well as setting strong boundaries around your relationship to avoid being affected by others.

To the moon and back course


Trusting yourself and recognizing what you want and your personal expectations are a major key in learning to let go of the resentment and guilt in your relationship. Often the negative emotions have built up for so long that there could be no possible way to find the emotions again... or want to find them again. 

To the moon and back course
To the moon and back course

We have gifted you with three amazing MEDITATIONS

Self-love with forgiveness and acceptance.

 Clearing anger and letting go of resentment.

Allowing change and good things to come in.

We know the importance of centering yourself and your emotions whenever possible but especially when you are looking to communicate and improve your relationship with others. Our goal is always to be proactive instead of reactive to a situation. 

They are yours forever so you can come back to these anytime you need to get into the vibe that you want.

Also included is our QUICK SOLUTION WORKBOOK that you can print off to use:

These worksheets were created to be fast-paced and easy fill in the blanks while going through heavy emotions (use these before or after a confrontation) they can also be used as journal or conversation prompts if you choose to do this work as a couple or work through them mentallly to help you get the end result.

To the moon and back course

From the moment of purchase you have immediate access to the three videos, the three meditations and the quick solution workbooks.

You gain life-long access and any new content added to the bundle will be yours as well.

Once you purchase, you will be prompted to create your personal log-in and you will be able to access the bundle right here on our website and come back to it as often as you need.

To the moon and back course

Do I need to be in a romantic relationship for this bundle to have value to me? 

Not at all. This bundle is designed to be applied to any relationship in your life - our participants that we answered questions for all just happened to be in romantic relationships at the time. 

How much time will this take me? 

The videos themselves are half an hour to an hour and it’s up to you to when you want to listen to the meditations and/or use the workbooks.  It’s designed to be consumable content that you can go over at your own pace. 

Does my partner need to do it with me? 

Nope. Happily Ever After as well as To The Moon and Back are designed to be consumed with or without a partner. 

What do I need to be able to do the course? 

A web browser (laptop, desktop, tablet, or handheld device), audio capabilities (we recommend headphones - our videos carry an explicit warning), and a printer can be used but isn’t necessary for the worksheets (these are available in a PDF format).  Everything is done with your own personal sign-on on to Kindred's website at 

Is this private? 

Absolutely. This is a private container where you can go over the content whenever and however you prefer. There’s no group for participants, you can private message us at any time, it’s not going to show up in any of your social media feeds that you’re a participant. 

Is this going to change my spouse forever? 

We can't guarantee your results. You get what you put in and achieve what you're willing to be open to and work through.  But if you want it, this is going to support you in getting you the result that you want in your relationship. 

Are you ready for the quick solution to make your relationship better?  

Are you ready for someone to give you the direct answer to the questions you have?


Are you ready for an a-ha moment in less time than it took you to watch Bridgerton?


This is it.  

$250 + Tax