WooWoo Weekend workshop
WooWoo Weekend workshop

This weekend is everything. 

After this, there is no going back. 

Everything will change.

It’s just the beginning.

WooWoo Weekend workshop

So many people talk about self-care but not many actually understand what it is.   

They think it’s baths and naps, rest and relaxation...even vacations and yes some of it is but that's the basics and will never get to the root of the problem.

WooWoo Weekend workshop

You want solutions - scratch that - you NEED solutions because things are going downhill fast and you are on a one way train to breakdown. 

 Kindred teaches self-care differently and we have different workshops that tackle the different angles of what you need to know to thrive (not just survive). 

Our Woowoo Weekend is for the inner you that you don’t trust. 

It’s for the part of you that wishes for more confidence in yourself and in your decisions. 

 This entire weekend is designed to show you that your inner voice is strong, real and determined to be heard. 

 We teach you to listen to that little nagging feeling in your gut or the back of your mind. We show you that your instincts are correct.

WooWoo Weekend workshop

Oracle cards, energy, mediumship… oh my.  

 We take a serious topic and we teach in a way that's fun so it isn't overwhelming or causing more anxiety to learn. 

 Learn to make decisions based on what's aligned with YOUR heart and not the judgement of others. 

See the red flags from a mile away. 

Know where our anxiety is coming from and what it's trying to tell you. 

The ease of knowing for yourself so you can teach your children. Imagine being ahead of the game and both you and your family members being able to spot bad news (such as abusive partners, dead-end jobs, bad investments) before it even has to affect your daily life.  

The possibilities are endless for not only you to curate your dream life but for your family and children to do so too. 


 How does all of this woowoo stuff help with all of the things listed above? 


Our weekend is designed to show you the ease of how your inner voice really works, how quiet and subtle and accurate it can be and how when you follow it...you're usually not wrong.  

Your burnout happens because of a lack of boundaries. Doing things for others that you don’t really want to do, but stuck in a people-pleasing cycle that's hard to get out of.  

When you can develop your confidence in knowing what is truly right for you along with knowing how to protect your energy, you will have more confidence in being able to establish stronger boundaries with others and with yourself. We are often our own worst enemies and we usually ignore our own boundaries before anyone else ignores them...leading to our burnout because we are giving away energy we don't have. 

The perfect example is leaving a family dinner or a busy function completely irritable and exhausted.  This weekend will teach you how to prevent that from ever happening again.

WooWoo Weekend workshop

$1,500 + 5% Tax

All of our weekend workshops are fully catered with hot breakfasts, hot lunches and snacks/drinks throughout the day


Friday (6pm-9pm)

Friday is designed to teach you about your anxiety, where it comes from and why you have it

Empath 101

Energetic boundaries

Ego vs your intuitive self

Intuitive activities throughout the evening


Saturday (10am-5pm)

Saturday is designed for implementing your intuition for yourself and for others

Self-care and vibration-energy exchange

Learning about and meeting your spiritual team


Learn how to read oracle cards

Tapping into the Akashic Records

Intuitive activities throughout the day



Sunday (10am-5pm)

Sunday is designed to learn how to do it all without the tools, but in trusting in what you know

More on Akashic Records and implementation

What is mediumship

Learning what mediumship feels like

Practice and readings

Intuitive activities throughout the day


**you will be gifted your very own oracle deck  

Learn the skills and tools you need to have more control and flow within your life.

Ready to develop the next level of trust with yourself and your intuition?

A deposit of $750 is required upon booking with the remaining payment required one week prior to the event.  Deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable. Cancellation policy includes full refund (minus deposit) with more than 7 days notice.   Payment plan options are available

$1500 + Tax
2 x $750 P/Plan + Tax