How your relationship with yourself directly reflects your relationship with money, business and personal connection

anxiety burn out help selfcare May 13, 2021
How your relationship with yourself directly reflects....

Your financial situation is directly connected to the relationship with your partner and the relationship with yourself. This is why self-care is important and incredibly foundational.

When we bring awareness to our own behaviours and tendencies and patterns, we can start to see how they are the same patterns that are reflected in the life we have around us. We think we have several different problems in all areas of life but more often than not, it’s the one problem being reflected in every area of our life. Self-care can include starting to take personal responsibility for what’s happening, why it’s happening and then choosing to do something about it.

You can easily make large amounts of money but then an unexpected bill shows up. Business is booming and in a great flow and then something goes wrong that stops production or booking of sessions. Things with your partner are going amazing and have been really good lately and then you have a huge argument that feels like you’re back to square one again. These are all the same pattern of not feeling like you are worthy of what you are receiving.

You always seem to make just enough to pay the bills with not a lot leftover. You happen to always sign the client or contract you need just in the nick of time. You feel like you and your partner never spend enough time together, or if you do, it’s not how you want it. These are all the same pattern of living in a scarcity mindset.

You have big financial goals and know why they are important but then you don’t do the things you know you need to do to achieve them. You’ve increased your pricing and now everyone is saying you’re too expensive. You have argue with your partner because they think that you’re selfish and greedy for your financial goals and how you want to spend your money. These are all the same pattern in putting your own value into someone else’s hands.

You feel like you’re self-sufficient and don’t want to be a burden to others. You likely have
outstanding invoices or unpaid appointments through business. You don’t ask for help from your partner and end-up burned out. These are all the same pattern of avoiding rejection.

The solution to all of these tendencies are working on your own issues, or what we like to call cleaning up your own side of the street. When you identify the pattern that you have, you can bring awareness to each level of situation, which helps bring clarity to what you’re doing and choosing to do something different.