Everything lead to this moment...

For both of us, we spent our adult lives going from job to job while we tried to focus on our family's and spouses. We were good at what we did but lacked fulfilment and direction.  

Both of us were coming out of depression and major life changes by making investments in ourselves and ended up meeting through an online connection.  

With each change and investment we made, we came closer together starting off as accountability partners and assisting each other in our own businesses. 

We went from friends, to business partners, to roommates

In 2018, Renee had a stroke, wasn't able to drive and Megan started to come and visit her in-person.  This is when we realized we worked really well together and decided to take a small free Facebook group of friends and turn it into our full-time venture.  

A year of teaching, our first workshops and groups grew and expanded to connecting and coaching. 

Things took another twist as a break-up in Megan's personal life lead her and her two children moving in literally overnight with Renee, her husband Dan and their two children. 

One giant leap forward...

A whirl-wind spritual quest to Mount Shasta, California via Las Vegas, an empowering photoshoot and a Facebook ad later (all within 3 months) our business when from 4-figures annually to 6.  

Where we are now...

We've spent the pandemic all together as what we call the little-big family.  We realized we had built an incredible business and it was time to take things to the next level.  We spent two years investing in tech upgrades and systems, every course that's we've come across and bootstrapping our way into consistent 5-figure months.  

We've narrowed our focus to assisting women with a six-figure business find (where we used to struggle the most) is balance between work, life and family.  

We don't believe in one or the other, we ask why can't it be both and have logistical solutions to our client's patterns to have them achieve all the time they need to enjoy their life and stop wasting time.

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